PHP array and object addition and string indexing

While reading someone’s code, I came across the following sort of thing: function foo($config = array()) { $this->_config += $config; //… } To which I thought WTF? How does PHP cast an array to a number to perform addition? A few random tests later, it appears PHP joins the two arrays together, only adding indexes… Continue reading PHP array and object addition and string indexing

Postfixadmin 2.3

Finally, I/we have gotten around to deciding Postfixadmin is ready for it’s next release (2.3)… it’s been sometime, and certainly a lot longer than I’d originally anticipated!


Rowan’s talking is finally progressing quite well – I think he’s finally figured out that he has to talk to us if he wants “stuff” (more please; please more) and he’s beginning to use more syllabals and string words together (piece of toast, hello daddy, bye daddy). There are loads of sounds he can’t (seemingly)… Continue reading Rowan!