Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  • Perhaps I should clean the car more often – latest 'find' a delicious ripe Banana skin #
  • Webbs 'garden centre' – where you buy christmas tat which people don't want #
  • New mobile carrier – – free in-network calls? #
  • ASUS EeePC 900 – broken screen – extra battery+memory / spare parts? #
  • Beans on toast with marmite was surprisingly good last night. What else can i do with marmite? #
  • Cough cough cough …. Cough cough cough go the wife and toddler. #
  • Ah. Can now sign up for spotify. It didn't like me having a 1/1/1890 DoB tho the form allows it. No error msg given. #fail #
  • Hoping an excess of fruit will scare off this virus. #
  • RT @garywkfung *BLACK FRI SALE* Ping! iPhone-2-iPhone messaging is free. Get your friends pinging for FREE! #
  • What a crap night. Now to run and cough my guts up. #
  • I've got my tea sorted daddy! #
  • Spotify clearly doesn't want my money. Stupid signup form gives no error msg feedback but keeps redisplaying itself. #fail #
  • Look – proof I can cook (first time in 9+ months) #
  • #phpuk2010 tickets bought for all employees … 26th Feb 2010 … You should be there too – #php #london #
  • wishes $previous_developer had discovered fputcsv() rather than doing a /lot/ of unsafe string concatenation("," . $foo . "," is WRONG) #php #
  • Excessive screen estate ? 2×24" monitors – too much? #
  • RT @garywkfung Ping! 1.2 now live! Includes address book, in-app purchase for sending photos and other fixes #
  • Well trains at least you picked today to be crap, rather than one where I had less leeway. #
  • Hello White city. #
  • Stupid signal failure is causing trouble for this train. Good thing I've got loads of 'spare' time. #
  • RT @Openrightsgroup BBC: ORG supporters jump by 20% as protests grow: #threestrikes #
  • But I *had* to buy that massive bag of yummy licquorice and a triple choc muffin to have change for the bus!! #
  • My way, your way, anything goes tonight……. Hmm. Need more music. #
  • Confused. I thought rebooting iPhone jailbroken with blackra1n would result in it loosing jailbreak. This does not seem to be the case. :~/ #
  • Pondering trying spotify for a month or two. Thoughts lazyweb? #
  • Rowan is still asleep. 13 hours and counting. A new record. Shame it takes illness to cause this :-/ #
  • RT @Openrightsgroup No 10 petition now stands at 6.8k sigs thanks to @stephenfry @glinner #threestrikes #
  • failing to jailbreak my iPhone… (3gs v3.1.2 etc). Stupid tools. #

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  1. For monitors I love the HP LP2475w screens – tons of inputs and a fantastic stand, really not that expensive for a quality panel either.

    Excessive would be having more than four. Working with quad head is absolute bliss.

    If you’re looking to run more than dual screens take a peek at the ATI Eyefinity stuff: ability to run three screens off a GPU easily, or the newest incarnation Eyefinity6 will let you drive six via DisplayPort if you wish.

    Note that the nicer Dell and HP monitors support using DisplayPort – rockin! 😉

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