The Post Office

Earlier today, I went to the Post Office in Bromsgrove, to buy some Euros.

The conversation I had with the minion behind the counter is paraphrased as follows :

  • Me: Hi, I’d like to buy $x euros, please?
  • Her: How do you wish to pay?
  • Me: By card? <<waves debit card at her>>
  • Her: We’ll need proof of ID (Passport etc)
  • Me: <<sighs>> Why?
  • Her: It’s an anti-fraud thing, you don’t think like a criminal do you?
  • Me: Errr? <<WTF?>>
  • Her: If you’ve stolen a card, the first thing you do is try and withdraw money using it … blah blah blah fraud blah blah blah ….
  • Me: But, it needs a PIN number to be used…?
  • Her: It’s ok, <<gestures at the card reader infront of me>> – that acts like a cash point. You can withdraw the right amount of cash to pay for your euros using it…
  • Me: <<WTF?>>
  • Her: Now, just put your card in the reader and type in your PIN when requested….
  • Me: <<types in pin>>
  • Her: <<hands over euros>>

I know I’m often a bit dim, but I’m failing to understand the ‘process’. Wasn’t I meant to have proof of ID to buy euros using my debit card?

How is me “withdrawing” cash for her, any different to me paying by card – especially when the process from my point of view is IDENTICAL.

August 2010

I would start with saying that not a huge amount happened in August… but then having thought about it, I’d be lying.

My right ankle is still in a state of disrepair – after hurting my achilles tendon … so no running, and I’m feeling fat / unfit as a result. I have got my mountain bike out of the shed and started to cycle again and found a few interesting routes around Dodford.

No running, means no Nottingham Marathon. They did however send me the running top – so I can at least pretend to people that I did it – “Look! I have the t-shirt to prove it!”. I am hoping to start running again within the next week …

In other news, Bromsgrove Hockey club started to do some stuff again, although my one big toe appears to have been broken in the first game back (hint: keep your feet out of the way). The second time out (last weekend) was on grass, which bought back some memories and was quite enjoyable (if only 30 minutes play in total).

Pale Purple moved office (yes, so don’t ask: “Did you do anything nice on the August bank holiday weekend?” …). The cost of the office is effectively the same, but now we have more room and it’s a far nicer (not dim and dingy).

I’ve also joined the local RoundTable group – although I’ve not coughed up any membership fees yet, so perhaps I’m premature in saying “joined”. The first event involved driving a motor bike around a rough field in the rain (good fun) and the second involved playing Discus Golf. All good stuff, and the guys seem a great bunch.

Rowan’s started to potty train; Anya smiles and makes cute noises. I’ve had a hair cut. Fun times.

Oh, and work’s been busy and somewhat stressful, but that’s all hopefully over with now (as $site_migration is complete).