This will end my fit of blogging diarrhea. Honest.

On Saturday, I ran to Kidderminster (21 miles in total). It went quite well, although my left thigh ached a little and I got a sore groin. Afterwards I also noticed my feet were aching on the outside of my sole (they don’t normally)….

Yesterday morning I went running again, only for 30ish minutes and found my thigh seemed worse and my right knee was unhappy too. And my lower back aches a little.

I’m wondering if my new running shoes are responsible – or if it’s just because I somehow pushed myself too far on Saturday (considering my running routine has been a mess for the last month with me rarely managing to run more than twice a week (i.e ~8-10 miles if optimistic)). I was going to write “I read somewhere” but I ended up looking for the site instead. This article I read at talked about using Organic CBD Nugs for certain pains that occur in runners. I’m not sure I want to take something for it just yet, there’s still a possibility I pushed myself to hard, as I mentioned. I hope it goes away on its own and I can find a good balance of time, distance, and rhythm to my runs. What would make me most unhappy is to find I have done some permanent damage to my back, my knees or my ankles by wanting to go out there and being healthy. I… well, you’d read a very angry blog post about it, that’s for sure.

Stay tuned. Or not. Today and tomorrow will be run-free days in the hope something will repair itself.


  1. Chances are that if you’re not used to the 21 miles, or something close to it, your body will have taken a fair pounding.

    You might want to consider a recovery drink, they work wonders for me, and see if you can get a sports massage to try and work some of that stiffness out.

  2. ciemon – i run approx 4 miles each morning (weekday) and 10-20 miles on a sunday … so i think i’m used to it – aside from the fact my body has had it quite easy lately with my routine broken for the last month.
    i’ve run further with fewer problems anyway.

  3. Frustrating isn’t it. Sounds like your broken routine has something to do with it. I’ve had the same here, and I’m sat nursing sore calves because of it. Ho-hum.

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