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  • postfix / postscreen and dns blacklist fun

    first steps in using postfix’s postscreen for dns blacklist stuff; fixing access to allow in known pop3/imap authed connections….

  • Postfix – qshape

    Somehow I’ve only just found out about ‘qshape’. It’s a nice little tool to help show what’s going on, on a postfix based mail server. You can summarise by sender (-s) and choose the queue …. which is a bit easier than trying to spot patterns in the ‘mailq’ output.

  • Postfix – connect from unknown[ip.address]

    One server I poke around on, has a number of postfix instances (see: postmulti). Interestingly, one instance was logging things like : Oct 26 22:02:05 mail postfix-blah/smtpd[59158]: connect from unknown[] Oct 26 22:02:05 mail postfix-blah/smtpd[59158]: CA9292EE2C0: client=unknown[]

  • Postfixadmin – setup/install guide for virtual mail users on Postfix

    This is a re-hash of the various guides I’ve made over the years detailing how to setup a virtual mail server (i.e. one that can handle multiple domains/users). This guide is based on release 2.3 of Postfixadmin. It’s about the only open source project I contribute to regularly – so I ought to at least…