Tag: azure

  • LetsEncrypt + Azure Keyvault + Application gateway

    Getting SSL certificates from certbot uploaded into Azure KeyVault for use with an Azure Application Gateway….

  • Resizing a VM’s disk within Azure

    random notes on disk resizing with an Azure VM

  • Traefik + Azure Kubernetes

    Some notes on getting the traefik setup as a reverse proxy / ingress / router / gateway to multiple kubernetes deployments

  • AWS vs Azure … round 1, fight!

    So, for whatever reason, I need to move some virtual machines and things from AWS (EC2, RDS), to an Azure. I have a few years experience with AWS, but until recently I’ve not really used Azure …. Here are some initial notes…… AWS tooling feels more mature (with the ‘stock’ ansible that ships with Ubuntu…

  • Packer and Azure

    I needed to build some Virtual Machine images (using packer) for work the other day. I already have a configuration setup for packer (but for AWS) and when trying to add in support for an ‘azure-arm‘ builder, I kept getting the following error message in my web browser as I attempted to authenticate packer with…