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  • fsck paranoid?

    Some random hints : Ensure the final field / column in /etc/fstab is non-zero for other filesystems you have mounted; if it’s 0 then fsck will never run on them. fsck -Cccy /dev/blah1 does a read-write (non-destructive test). Works well on SSDs 🙂 Example from /etc/fstab: /dev/md0  /mount/point ext3 defaults 0 2 When looking at […]

  • fsck -y (or fsck yes…)

    Tip for the day: Edit /etc/default/rcS on Debian/Ubuntu servers, and set FSCKFIX=yes (default of no) so next time your server runs fsck at startup, and spends hours doing it to only moan when it finds an error, and tells you to waste more time by running fsck with ‘-y’ (to fix it). Quite why fsck […]