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  • Minimal WordPress Fail2ban integration

    token fail2ban setup for use with wordpress to catch failed login attempts

  • Tumbleweed…

    Does anyone else care about having a blog any longer?

  • Excessive uptime(!?)

    Somewhere on the internet there’s a mailserver with a larger uptime, I guess? I don’t think anyone dares to reboot it …. (this is a server the customer was going to migrate off about 5 years ago …. somehow it’s still in use) (2290 days is a little over 6 years)

  • intel nuc d54250wyk (haswell) ~10 years later

    This little NUC I bought ages ago is still chugging along, in continual use (albeit only as a backup ‘server’ with a large 4TiB ssd in it). It’s recently had ‘open heart’ surgery to replace a failing fan and to clean the dust out of it (for the first time in 10 years). Wow, it’s…

  • Hello wordpress 6?

    Am i that old already?

  • Traefik + Azure Kubernetes

    Some notes on getting the traefik setup as a reverse proxy / ingress / router / gateway to multiple kubernetes deployments

  • brewdog vs beer52

    brewdog vs beer52 beer subscriptions

  • hotel booking / wp_mphb_sync_logs

    long running MySQL queries with wp_mphb_sync_logs / wordpress hotel booking plugin

  • Recompressing BTRFS files

    Ages ago, I reconfigured my postfix/dovecot mail server to use BTRFS for it’s mail store; thinking that the mail files would compress fairly well so it’d be an efficient use of disk space. I’d just mounted the volume with compress=lzo and not thought anything else about it. Yesterday, Icinga/Nagios started nagging me that the disk…

  • Wayland isn’t quite ready

    Well, at least from a sample size of one. I thought I’d upgrade my Ubuntu XPS13 from Groovy-whatever-it-was to Hirsute Hippo (21.04 I guess?). It moved me to use Wayland by default. Some bits feel OK – somehow the visual feedback from app launching seems better (it may not be any quicker) … But ……