Recompressing BTRFS files

Ages ago, I reconfigured my postfix/dovecot mail server to use BTRFS for it’s mail store; thinking that the mail files would compress fairly well so it’d be an efficient use of disk space. I’d just mounted the volume with compress=lzo and not thought anything else about it. Yesterday, Icinga/Nagios started nagging me that the disk… Continue reading Recompressing BTRFS files

Wayland isn’t quite ready

Well, at least from a sample size of one. I thought I’d upgrade my Ubuntu XPS13 from Groovy-whatever-it-was to Hirsute Hippo (21.04 I guess?). It moved me to use Wayland by default. Some bits feel OK – somehow the visual feedback from app launching seems better (it may not be any quicker) … But …… Continue reading Wayland isn’t quite ready

Packer and Azure

I needed to build some Virtual Machine images (using packer) for work the other day. I already have a configuration setup for packer (but for AWS) and when trying to add in support for an ‘azure-arm‘ builder, I kept getting the following error message in my web browser as I attempted to authenticate packer with… Continue reading Packer and Azure

Postfix – qshape

Somehow I’ve only just found out about ‘qshape’. It’s a nice little tool to help show what’s going on, on a postfix based mail server. You can summarise by sender (-s) and choose the queue …. which is a bit easier than trying to spot patterns in the ‘mailq’ output.