Does anyone else care about having a blog any longer?






3 responses to “Tumbleweed…”

  1. Duncan Avatar

    There are still a good number of blogs I follow, though several of them have moved to medium and become more polished and less frequent / useful.

    Enshitification of the internet continues. What are we replacing it with?

  2. Christian Boltz Avatar

    I already wondered if you started to use openSUSE Tumbleweed when reading the title 😉

    I still read several blogs – and also have my own one, but with very rare posts.

    Somewhat related: I also read several other things that have a RSS feed. And I more than once stopped reading pages if they decide to no longer provide a RSS feed – I’m not bored enough to manually look at each of them every day 😉

  3. Philip Norton Avatar

    I read blogs, they are a useful resource and commonly have interesting topics. I use my blog as a repository for learning about stuff.
    Keep it up! 🙂

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