Beelink SER6 Max

“New PC Time”

I’ve had an ASUS PN50 (AMD 4800u processor) as my desktop/daily driver for sometime, and it’s nice and power efficient, but increasingly I found it being slow.

I eventually discovered I could turn on the CPU ‘boost’ feature (doh!) – but doing that seemed to result in it crashing within the next 24-48 hours…. which isn’t good. I don’t know if it’s a hardware or Linux problem – but I had already sort of decided it was time to consider upgrading to something with more ‘ooomph’.

So, I came across a slightly dodgy looking listing on Amazon for a Beelink SER6 max (32gb RAM, 500GiB SSD). The SER6 Max is a fairly new release, and Beelink are a relatively cheap, newish supplier of hardware with some past quality issues. Anyway, I thought I’d stop dithering over it, and buy it and rely on Amazon’s returns policy if there were problems with the PC/hardware.

My reason for choosing the SER6 Max was that it had enough rear ports for all three of my monitors, most other minipc variants don’t. I did contemplate the Geekom AS6 (which is an ASUS PN53 with the same CPU as this beelink, but it has slower RAM and I was concerned it might be noisy).

So, I “pulled the trigger” on and on a whim I tried installing Siduction Linux…. so now I’ve got full disk encryption and what looks like a fairly up to date stack of stuff (with XFCE).

The SER6 has at least passed a token memory test, and some system tests – so I’m fairly optimistic about it, although I did have one hard lock up / crash yesterday which is unexplained.

(1 week later, and it seems well stable/reliable … )





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