intel nuc d54250wyk (haswell) ~10 years later

This little NUC I bought ages ago is still chugging along, in continual use (albeit only as a backup ‘server’ with a large 4TiB ssd in it).

It’s recently had ‘open heart’ surgery to replace a failing fan and to clean the dust out of it (for the first time in 10 years).

Wow, it’s quiet now.

In other news, I’m tempted to buy a new desktop mini-pc to replace the ASUS PN50 I have (which seems to struggle a little, perhaps due to me having 3 monitors and it having a relatively weak graphics card).

So I’m now torn between waiting a bit longer, getting a NUC 13 Pro or ASUS PN53 or hoping BeeLink/someone release something. I’m skeptical any of the cheaper Chinese manufacturers will produce anything that’ll last >10 years though).






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