brewdog vs beer52

I’m obviously not cut out to be a beer critic. But I thought I might as well moan to no one….


I had a monthly beer52 subscription for about a year. They’ve recently launched ‘wine52’ as well which has been quite good.

beer52’s monthly subscription costs about £27/month for 8 different beers. There’s a range of sizes – 330 ml cans or bottles and larger, a magazine I never really read and a snack. You can choose a ‘mixed’ or ‘light’ theme to influence the selection.

After a month or so Beer52 try and supersize you “for only £2/more a month you can have 10 beers! For only £2/more a month you can have 12 beers! … etc etc”.

The beers are well packaged, and tasted better than most of what my local corner shop sells. There was a good variety of flavours and types.

Brewdog ( “Brewdog and Friends” )

I had as a birthday present from work. It’s about £20/month for 8 x 330ml cans.

The cans have always arrived with dents in them (is that Yodel’s fault or Brewdog’s or having crap packaging?).

There are four different beers, so you get two of each.

Each can is 330ml. There’s a very thin magazine and no snack.


Choose Beer52. Don’t choose Brewdog.

After having Brewdog for a couple of months, if I wanted a beer subscription I would definitely not be choosing them. While their Birmingham pub was a good experience when I went there last, their beer subscription has been bland, with beers that are all pretty much the same (high alcohol percentage / sweet / pale / lager like etc). There’s no real variety and it’s not worth the small saving by not going with beer52.

While I doubt it effects the taste, the cans being battered gives me a bad impression. The beer hasn’t been anything interesting (I could buy better stuff at my local corner shop) and there’s been a lack of variety.

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