john the ripper on crypt passwords out of postfixadmin

This might help my future self : SELECT username, password into outfile ‘/tmp/passwords.txt’ fields terminated by ‘:’ optionally enclosed by ” lines terminated by ‘\n’ from mailbox where = 1; and then : john /tmp/passwords.txt …. e.g. root@mail:~# john /tmp/passwords.txt Created directory: /root/.john Loaded 2327 password hashes with 2326 different salts (md5crypt [MD5 32/64… Continue reading john the ripper on crypt passwords out of postfixadmin

Arduino lights etc.

One day I’ll give up on the illusion that I actually might post something useful here. Thanks to MonkeySailor. over Christmas I did had an Arduino and some lights. But there are loads of tutorials for it (like: ) , so there’s no point in me trying to document it. Perhaps it’s time for… Continue reading Arduino lights etc.

spam (policyd-weight + excommunicado)

1. See – I’m trying to make some changes to policyd-weight (something I’ve been using for ages) to make it more configurable and add in a GeoIP patch which I’ve seen floating around. 2. See and – for a DNS Blacklist you might want to use –  using as a RHSBL has stopped about 700… Continue reading spam (policyd-weight + excommunicado)

WordPress 3.6 is here….

And a new theme. Perhaps one day I’ll fix my twitter sync script. In the mean time, there’s a bit on Solr on Pale Purple’s blog. along with SpamDyke to stop Qmail being overrun by spam.