Racism / White privilege

I’ve recently read “Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race” ( Amazon )

It’s something of an eye opening read, and while I (obviously) struggle to relate to some of the issues (especially when it covers Feminism), I’m hoping it’s helped make me more understanding.

So I guess I need to “talk about Race/Racism” with some white people somewhere ….

I live in a predominantly “white” town, grew up in a predominantly “white” area (Herefordshire/Mid Wales). So I’m sure I have some biases I’m not necessarily aware of. This Hidden Brain podcast was interesting listening – covering implicit bias – and this Harvard Project which highlights the power the media has over us (creating associations, stereotypes etc).

From the few non-white people I’ve spoken to, their experiences seem to mirror what’s in this BBC news article (“Should I remove or reply to my racist Facebook friend?“). (Something I’ve been tempted to do with a family member a few times….)

I’m reminded of Bytemark’s trial with anonymous job application process, in an effort to reduce the chance of unconscious bias creeping into an interview/screening. Something I’m trying to push for at $dayjob.

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