Wayland isn’t quite ready

Well, at least from a sample size of one.

I thought I’d upgrade my Ubuntu XPS13 from Groovy-whatever-it-was to Hirsute Hippo (21.04 I guess?). It moved me to use Wayland by default. Some bits feel OK – somehow the visual feedback from app launching seems better (it may not be any quicker) …

But …

  • The alt-tab window switching thing often stops working – this has happened a number of times, across reboots.
  • Apps appear to be running in the UI, when they’re not.
  • I’ve had the desktop icons randomly display on top of a full screen video (possibly Amazon Prime Video?)
  • I’ve had the launcher buttons just stop working
  • I can’t use a clipboard manager (so no copy+paste buffers to cycle through)

Time to revert to X11 I think.

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