Rowan’s talking is finally progressing quite well – I think he’s finally figured out that he has to talk to us if he wants “stuff” (more please; please more) and he’s beginning to use more syllabals and string words together (piece of toast, hello daddy, bye daddy). There are loads of sounds he can’t (seemingly)… Continue reading Rowan!

Living Rainforest

On Sunday, while Kat was at some organic gardening thing, Rowan and I went to the Living Rainforest (which is vaguely near J13 of the M4). Due to a failure to read on my behalf, we first headed towards RG10 0TN using the GPS, discovered this clearly wasn’t the right place and then headed to… Continue reading Living Rainforest

Postfixadmin – setup/install guide for virtual mail users on Postfix

This is a re-hash of the various guides I’ve made over the years detailing how to setup a virtual mail server (i.e. one that can handle multiple domains/users). This guide is based on release 2.3 of Postfixadmin. It’s about the only open source project I contribute to regularly – so I ought to at least… Continue reading Postfixadmin – setup/install guide for virtual mail users on Postfix

ping! iphone app (sms style messaging)

Discovered ping! (!/Ping!.html) yesterday; it seems quite a cool little app for the iphone – namely (once you know another iphone user has it and their username) it allows you to sms them for free. In non-scientific tests it seems as quick, if not quicker, than our carriers SMS. I can’t see why (when ping!… Continue reading ping! iphone app (sms style messaging)