Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

  • Wondering what it means if a shop window mannequin has plasters on her wrists…. #
  • Perhaps I now know what it's like for my wife when I go mountain biking or something for a day and she's left stranded in some strange town. #
  • Final day of le leche league conference (breast feeding etc etc). Here's to hoping a day in soft play doesn't kill my brain #
  • Just saw a van take out a cyclist. He seems alright thankfully. Bike + windscreen didn't fare too well though. #
  • I wonder how long a ball pit and garage will keep rowan occupied? #
  • At le leche league conference #lll #alfreton #breastfeeding #
  • Discovers /* lol version of getHasProfile() */ public function canHasProfile() { return $this->getHasProfile() } #php #lolcat #codehumor #
  • I'm fleeing London…. So long suckers. Till wednesday next week anyway…. #
  • First BBC php zend framework course nearly over. Stupid Internet connection causing grief :/ #
  • I have difficulty in believing m&s's green plan b crap when it feels like I'm roasted by a heater above the door on entry. #
  • Train (hopefully) hurtling towards London; three days of tension await. GnR's Estranged seems to be helping. #ihatemonday #
  • RT @codinghorror Some people, when confronted with a discussion problem, think "I know, I'll use threads!" Now they have two problems. #
  • Looking forward to sleep…. #

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