Holiday pour moi?

We seem to be contemplating the idea of going abroad over Christmas – it’s always a slightly stressful time of the year, and it also coincides with about the only quiet time of the year I get (with Pale Purple). And I’ve sort of promised Kat a holiday in return for putting up with quite a busy October/November.

Unfortunately going anywhere involves air travel, which is sort of against Katherine’s eco-push.

So, we may not be here over Christmas. Perhaps my stingy side will kick in and rebel against the fact prices appear to double for the Christmas week (or halve if we leave it to the middle of January).

I couldn’t face the prospect of seeing Butlins again … so it has to be somewhere different if we go anywhere.

Perhaps we should just visit somewhere like Canada/America instead. Not that I have any idea of the costs involved.


  1. Perhaps now is a good time to discover Australia, over our winter it gets to be reasonably toasty ‘Down Under’?

  2. Alex – hmm, that’s vaguely temping, but I’m not sure I’d want to be with a toddler on a 12+ hour flight …

    Somehow I think we’d either have to drug him BA-style [a-team] or by the end of the flight all of the other passengers would have moved to the other end of the plane, which would probably cause problems wrt weight distribution and landing 🙂

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