Living Rainforest

On Sunday, while Kat was at some organic gardening thing, Rowan and I went to the Living Rainforest (which is vaguely near J13 of the M4). Due to a failure to read on my behalf, we first headed towards RG10 0TN using the GPS, discovered this clearly wasn’t the right place and then headed to RG18 0TN…. only 30 something miles away. Thankfully Rowan was good natured and the day wasn’t a total loss.

The living rainforest was a lot smaller than I’d expected, but Rowan found some mud to play with and door way flaps to keep running through, so he was quite happy.

Some pictures are here

On the way home, the stupid M40 was somewhat broken, and what should have been an hour and a half journey turned into 3 hours+.

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