Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

  • I'll be running in the rain, just running In the rain. With a cold wet feeling, i hope it doesn't make me Ill again… #
  • Seen on tube advert:"I asked for fewer dicks. Now it takes fewer dicks. I've never been so influential. Windows 7" #windows #badeyesight #
  • Ticket booking fail. Virgin train packed. Imposing in first class. At least training went well. Hope mr toddler sleeps like a baby #
  • Soaked bed with sweat, slept on towel (now damp). Turned duvet over and soaked that too. I'm fed up now. #
  • Feel worse today. Stupid virus go to hell. #
  • Feels generally unwell. F. Off virus. #
  • Ah. Relief. My sinus just popped. Fscking cold thing. #
  • Delegates may take offense if I take fishermans friends. Lockets will have to do. #
  • Waiting for a train. I'm on a Night train. Bottoms up… #

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