Yet another all in one update

Rowan’s started to draw, say more words and generally be far easier – we’ve been out to a couple of restaurants lately, and in each he’s been no hassle (as opposed to him wanting to roam around the room and generally sticking his hands in anything he can find). We’re also hoping he’s deciding to sleep more overnight as well – but two days does not make a pattern with a toddler, so who knows what’s going on there.

Last night we had some fireworks at Jenny’s – Rowan seemed to enjoy them quite a lot (“Oh wow!”) – I had feared he’d start crying when a bang went off, and that would be the end of the evening. Thankfully he behaved really well. I also managed to drink 5 bottles of beer (far more than normal, so I had a crap headache overnight/this morning).

Kat and Rowan have spent most of the last week going to various museums in London – and finding other toddler friendly spots. I was slightly worried that taking him to London would fail totally – but it seems to have worked quite well, and it’s nice for me to be able to see them during the week in the evenings (while I’m there training).So far they’ve found some child friendly park in Russel Square, and hands on water and wheelbarrows in the Science Museum.

Yesterday, I bought a new pair of running shoes. This time I was insistent that having a neutral pair of shoes was not good – and the assistant eventually realised I was correct and gave me some with appropriate support. Hopefully I’ll soon get a routine running around London and be able to halt my expanding chocolate biscuit fuelled waistline.

In other news – my employees appear to be handling work things quite well – as by Wednesday I’ll have been out of the office for 2-3 weeks. No doubt there will be a stack of stuff waiting for me, and customers wanting updates and I’ll be kept busy. One good thing is that this excess of training work has allowed me to be more selective over which work we do, and it seems BinaryKitten/Kathryn will remain a part time, remote employee (lucky her?!).

Now I just need to sort out our Pale Purple Christmas party thing – I’m tempted in doing some sort of clay pidgeon shooting type thing – perhaps in the start of January. Somehow I doubt we could find a live fire range where we can shoot targets/zombies, so clay pidgeons will have to be the next best bet.

Anyway, time to think about getting the bus to Birmingham and then the train to Euston. Oh, the joy.

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