Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

  • I now have a new pair of running shoes. New balance or something. Will have to take them out tomorrow. #
  • Clearly he wanted a drink. #
  • The toddler is trying to tell me something. I'm too stupid to understand him :-/ #
  • RT @guardiantech Penelope Trunk: Why I tweeted about my miscarriage #
  • Generally unimpressed with snow leopard. Laptop has had 2 kernel panics and stuff crashes more. Rock solid before (seemingly). #apple #osx #
  • Black opal licorice ftw #
  • Preparing to say goodbye to Milton Keynes and it's jungle of roundabouts. Hope the train doesn't get lost getting here…… #
  • Metro headline – [bnp] Griffin: I was racially abused. Stop feeding the racist troll media! #
  • Taxi driver: what's the big deal with windows 7 is it that you can run two programs at once? Me: errrr #
  • Someone failed to reinstall the delegates pcs. Stupid ou. #
  • I've arrived early – first time in memory? This must be a sign from the Great Spagetti Monster, who I can also thank for a safe journey. Thx #
  • All hail – King of the loosers! Sir blame it on your ISP. Ahh berushed. Food please. #
  • Finished diy radiator swap etc finally. Didn't spray over her bed and perhaps no leaks. Alternative career – very slow plumber! #

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