Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15

  • Orange breakfast, toddler style #
  • Interviewing nearly done. One last group. Students seem better this year at least. #
  • Cv's reviewed. Whiskey drunk (not by me). Bed soon. #
  • In Wales, it is wet. #
  • My minions seem to not want their work monitors upgraded from 19" to 24". Strange employees. #
  • Stuck in traffic outside Newtown (powys). Grr. #
  • WordPress update time (2.8.6); svn update ftw. #
  • And another night of sweating like a pig in bed. Am I ill again or did @ChairmumMiaow leave the heating on? #
  • The toddler is now eating play dough. Tasty! #
  • First adventures with openid. Shame Zend_openid_consumer doesn't work with google. Wasted time *sigh* #zf #php #fail #
  • Hotel seem to be including free drinks and sweets. Now where are the people? #phpwm #
  • Php Training complete for this week. Now to get the train to @phpwm meeting in bham. Ajax server side push stuff. Greek to me #phpwm #comet #
  • And it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain. #
  • Via many… RT @mikebutcher: UK O2 iPhone people: unlock yours tomorrow o2++ #
  • RT @nixgeek Now hiring a Systems Admin at work (@GradwellTweets) — go see if interested and RT please! #
  • I've totally forgotten what I was going to say/tweet. Old age sucks. V 2009 looks good. #
  • Failed to resist buying ms Swiss chocolate. Again. Soon I will not fit through doorways. #

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