Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

  • Stupid body. Both thigh muscles should not be able to cramp at the same time twice :-/ Baths are clearly not relaxing or good for me. #
  • Back from a 21 mile run to Kidderminster – … took ages, but good fun. #
  • The driver on the bus says move on back, move on back…. #
  • Fail of the day , dodford style #
  • Time to run 20 something miles. Is my fat chocolate biscuit fed body up to it? #
  • Can haz internetz. Pondering perm move of hotel. #tetheringsucks #
  • Breakfast at 4am. The toddler demanded it. He has a shreddie addiction. #
  • Giving blood…. #
  • New monitors == configuration hell. 2×24" tho. #
  • Guess I ought to drag my lazy arse out of bed and go running. #
  • Time for sudoku and sleep I think. Until tomorrow. #
  • We've been dancing with Mr Brownstone. He won't leave me alone. #
  • Ebuyer no longer allow me to pay via google checkout and I have to login before I can use paypal. Grrr. #
  • I'm not the sharpest tool in the box tonight. Took 20+ mins to realise I was repeating one song over and over on this iPhone. Must not doze. #

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