This will end my fit of blogging diarrhea. Honest. On Saturday, I ran to Kidderminster (21 miles in total). It went quite well, although my left thigh ached a little and I got a sore groin. Afterwards I also noticed my feet were aching on the outside of my sole (they don’t normally)…. Yesterday morning… Continue reading Running….

WordPress and Squid (making http request out)

If you want to allow WordPress to pass it’s HTTP requests through Squid (for security or whatever), edit wp-includes/class-snoopy.php and set the necessary details. Shame WordPress doesn’t just have a configuration option or something for it. (

Initial foray into OpenId (Zend_OpenId_Consumer / PHP etc)

While updating some security training materials, I thought I’d include some more information on OpenId – with the hope of demonstrating how the typical username/password mess which web applications create can be countered (for example see here ) So, being a PHP type, and having seen that the Zend Framework supports OpenId, I thought I’d… Continue reading Initial foray into OpenId (Zend_OpenId_Consumer / PHP etc)