Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-09

  • "behave yourself would you, no homework! Watch sone porn!" #supernatural #
  • RT @GeneHunt Gene's 4th law of physics: The more streamlined a woman is, the greater resistance she offers. #
  • RT @GeneHunt There's only one sort of 'man bag' a man should carry and that's the one God gave him. #
  • RT @dick_turpin ipad for the elderly #
  • Twitter OSX client seems ok; once you realise apple+N is for a new tweet. #appstore #twitter #
  • Snow. Go away. Don't even think about falling. I want to play hockey tomorrow. That is all. #
  • RT @joshprice Top tip: Pay for your homeopathic medicine with a glass of water that's had a $100 note dipped into it #
  • Too many tweets.
    Not enough time.
    'Ctrl-a – mark as read' type behaviour by me. #
  • Dripping tap 1 : 0 David. #Grr #
  • No, I know all I am and we are not to blame. …. Prepare yourself for the subjugation. #zto #
  • RT @wonkothesane – language barrier <- nice 🙂 #
  • Do all taps take the same sized washer? #dripdripdrip #
  • Thunderbird 2 in action !! #
  • My minions seem to be boasting about how much caffeine they need to drink to get through the day. Clearly they've had too much time off… #
  • Today it seems @rowangoodwin is sleeping in. Why couldn't he do this before when we didn't have to get up? #
  • Rowan is very cute and cuddly lying asleep on my shoulder. #snoreSnore #

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