Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-02

  • When my mother complains I'm really quiet on the phone what she really means is that her phone handset volume is turned down very low. #
  • "They were saying on radio 4 that there's a new iPhone germ" said my mother. #
  • RT @carolinegoodwin so it seems my nephew doesn't want a bath & possesses lungs capable of informing all of this situation. Dad 1:0 toddler #
  • Wetherspoons. You need more staff. Especially on a busy evening. #
  • Last run, shower and shave of the year complete. #randomcrap #
  • A modern curse: "May all your presents be delivered by City Link" <- @aypok !! #
  • Bad asda has no LCD tvs left. I predict a day driving now. Grr. #
  • Tron. In 2D. Because I'm a Luddite. #
  • STBXW is dressed like her MIL. #
  • RT @KevlinHenney RT @sf105 Why Companies Should Insist that Employees Take Naps <- interesting. #
  • RT @webmonkeyash Gingerbread house complete and ready to eat! <- Nom Nom looks good and yummy. #
  • Bromsgrove dog owners – snow does not remove your responsibility to clean up after your dog. Dog shit is not a grit substitute. #
  • Pudding #1 lost due to baby meddling. #
  • RT @gadgetlab How zip ties can help you bike through a blizzard <- too late now ! 🙂 #
  • My iPod Shuffle is dead; any recommendations for equivalent players? Needs to be small, decent battery life; iTunes sync would be nice 🙂 #
  • The rain sounds very nice and relaxing. Hopefully we'll be snow and ice free soon 🙂 #
  • – plenty of jokes there…. #
  • Laundered money (with a distinctive tracking colour) #WalletsDoNotNeedWashing #

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