Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • RT @metofficeWMids EARLY Warning of Heavy Snow for West Midlands valid from 0001 Tue 28 Dec to 2359 Tue 28 Dec meh meh #
  • Only another 364 day to go …. #
  • The icicles are falling off the house. I guess this is a good sign (thaw) #
  • Wondering if we should record the "x factor" wannabes next door…. #HowlingDogsAreBetter #
  • It sounds like there are a pack of dogs howling next door. (karaoke present obviously arrived). #
  • Merry Christmas everyone. #
  • Due to austerity (reindeer fleet) cuts, Christmas will be spread over two days next year to give Santa time to visit all good children. #
  • <- Sudo failures go to Santa! #
  • Wondering why amazon have sent a "it's shipped" email after the present has actually arrived. #
  • Local snow 'sculpture' #
  • Drunk reindeer ? #
  • Hello winter wonderland place (telford). Now. Where have you hidden Santa? #
  • Car De-snowed. Now minion pickup and gleeclub #
  • Wondering what would make anyone set an Apache DocumentRoot to /home/something … #messy #
  • RT @metofficeWMids FLASH Warning of Heavy Snow for West Midlands valid from 0200 Wed 22 Dec to 1400 Wed 22 Dec #
  • RT @birminghampost Met Office warns of up to 25cm more snow to fall in West Midlands <- hrmph. Had enough now. #
  • RT @birminghampost Cadbury to downsize Dairy Milk bars <- good news for dieters! #
  • .@StormySan we demand proof you've made it. Photo of wedding with today's paper? #stormyWILLgettothewedding #whatWillGoWrongToday ? 🙂 in reply to StormySan #
  • Tellybellys, Tellybellys…. Stinky winkie, Dip shit, lard arse, poo….. I really out to not sing this variant in front of @RowanGoodwin #
  • Anyone using zabbix have any suggestions to help stop the server being an I/O hog? #
  • RT @OfficialSanta ☆★ ONLY 100 HOURS TIL CHRISTMAS ★☆ HoHoHo ☆★ #
  • RT @instruct Holy Shit!! anyone else seen what is at no 66 in the charts?!!! #
  • 2 weeks ago, the slightest chance of frost saw the roads covered in grit/salt. Now they're snowed over, the council seem not bothered. WTF? #

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