Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

  • Slave labour / someone likes cleaning. #
  • I <3 chocolate rice crispy cake. #
  • Turbo trainer found. Now what about the bike ? (volare elite esto mag something.) #
  • Bromsgrove 3rds vs West Brom – lost 2-0. I played the second half. Meh. #
  • Must learn to not leave home without my hockey stick when going to play hockey…. #
  • It appears my body is unwilling to give up it's blood easily. #
  • Blood donation o'clock. #
  • "I will feel better having you there; that is what a relationship is; we average our misery" #house #
  • We can get FTTC 'Internet' – 39/9 mbps down/up (~3x faster, ~2x price than now) but with BTInternet – think i'll stick with BeThere for now #
  • Browsing a Samba share from OSX seems exceptionally painful, especially if OpenOffice is involved. Grr… #
  • I've had enough of Dublin Core, OpenGraph and EGMS meta tags for this morning. Next ticket please. #
  • Ah. The yellow pages is finally letter
    box size. Took "them" long enough to figure that one out ! #
  • Who stole my minions and replaced them with muppets that listen to rap music all the time? #AliensAreHere #
  • I was a bit surprised to see piles of 'snow' still in Tesco's car park earlier (Redditch). #

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