Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-30

  • Hhh: “@madeupstats: Xprts hv wrnd by currnt trnds vwls cld bcm xtnct by 2050.” #
  • Bromsgrove 3rd hockey vs khansa(?) (Warwick). We lost 3-1 🙁 we were winning 1-0 at half time 🙂 #
  • RT: @GeekStats: ~20% of Facebook users state their relationship status. 40% = "single"; 3% = "it's complicated" #
  • It seems my turbo trainer doesn't wake toddlers up. This is good. #ExercisingInSecret #
  • “@StormySan: Apparently the phrase 'Like a red rag to a bull' isn't appropriate to describe anger during PMS.” <- good thing Lyne in today #
  • Beware Bromsgrove; I am slowly claiming back mayorship of the town centre. Competition will be squashed….. #4sq #
  • My random PHP serialization performance note – – igbinary vs serialize vs json_encode (result: igbinary is best). #
  • Batman and superman are patrolling Bromsgrove today. Have no fear citizens. #
  • Now, onwards to meet @zookx … Interesting that they're in a previous office of ours. Still – No excuse for failing to find them. #
  • My minions accepted their payrise without fuss. Perhaps I'll try a negative rise next time and see if they notice. #evil #employer #
  • I'm always slightly surprised when I come across a non supported / non LTS ubuntu release being used in production. #
  • This morning has been mostly Linux sysadmin (virtual host setup, backup jobs, updating stuff). Sometimes the boss let's me code. #pray #
  • Yes, in the end it's beautiful, so beautiful…. You are a puppet. I am a puppet. We are all puppets. #guessTheSong #
  • .@bhamsouthpolice – “Don’t forget that our 24 hour tweet-a-thon starts tomorrow morning at 7.00am. ….” #
  • Customer: can you backup server, here's the root u/p. Me: err I have a few questions first …. #Linux #support #sysadmin #
  • “@StormySan: Ahhh, the first Monkeys call of 2011. Good start to the day :)” LOL-telephony #phonespam #
  • I'm such a gentleman, lending women money so they can get home from a night out. #StretchingTheFactsALittle #
  • “@madeupstats: Let's hope the Daily Mail doesn't get hold of this: almost half of Britain's schools perform below average.” Rotfl. #
  • “@StormySan: !in_array($bitch, $99problems) #technologysongs

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