WordPress and Squid (making http request out)

If you want to allow WordPress to pass it’s HTTP requests through Squid (for security or whatever), edit wp-includes/class-snoopy.php and set the necessary details. Shame WordPress doesn’t just have a configuration option or something for it. (

Initial foray into OpenId (Zend_OpenId_Consumer / PHP etc)

While updating some security training materials, I thought I’d include some more information on OpenId – with the hope of demonstrating how the typical username/password mess which web applications create can be countered (for example see here ) So, being a PHP type, and having seen that the Zend Framework supports OpenId, I thought I’d… Continue reading Initial foray into OpenId (Zend_OpenId_Consumer / PHP etc)

PHP array and object addition and string indexing

While reading someone’s code, I came across the following sort of thing: function foo($config = array()) { $this->_config += $config; //… } To which I thought WTF? How does PHP cast an array to a number to perform addition? A few random tests later, it appears PHP joins the two arrays together, only adding indexes… Continue reading PHP array and object addition and string indexing

Postfixadmin 2.3

Finally, I/we have gotten around to deciding Postfixadmin is ready for it’s next release (2.3)… it’s been sometime, and certainly a lot longer than I’d originally anticipated!