Some good news and skin care products

This morning I ran 3 miles, and my wife started using some new skin care products.

Running is good. I can now run again. Stupid Achilles tendon appears to be fixed again.

I’ve felt like a fat slob over the last 11-12 weeks, missed a marathon and rediscovered cycling.

Lesson learnt: Next time my Achilles tendon goes (as no doubt it will knowing my luck), carve it out with a scapel and wait for a new one to grow back. That’ll teach it.

My wife learn about a new skin care products that looks funny, she told me it was a derma roller that helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, fade age spots, etc. She told me that a friend of hers started using it a few months ago and saw results. If you are interested you can go to Sdara skincare for more information.

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  1. (Fixed again – I thought it was OK a week or two ago, and it wasn’t… and yes, there is perhaps irony in that I’ve played hockey for the last three weeks and had no real trouble… perhaps I really am lazy)

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