Trac and Git on Debian Lenny

Random Brain dump – Trac 0.11 with Git on Debian Lenny; this worked for me …

We’ll use /var/git/ as the location where our git repositories live – e.g. /var/git/repository1, /var/git/repository2 etc.

So, assuming you have git-core installed, create the Git repository:

mkdir -p /var/git/repository

cd /var/git/repository

git init –bare

Next, install the trac-git extension so trac can do ‘git’ like things:

apt-get install trac-git

Ensure the WebDAV FS module is enabled in Apache:

a2enmod dav_fs

And Expose where the Git repository is on the web server – e.g.

cd /var/www
ln -s /var/git git

And add something like :

<Location /git>
     DAV on
To which ever virtual host file has /var/www as it’s document root (probably ‘default’); this should then mean that any git repositories you create in the future will automatically be exposed via Apache. It should go without saying that you should put some sort of Apache authentication check on this location.

Next, let’s create the Trac Repository:

trac-admin /var/trac/repository initenv \
     repository sqlite:db/trac.db git /var/git/repository

Configure Trac to do Git things:

Edit /var/trac/repository/conf/trac.ini and make sure it contains something like :

tracext.git.* = enabled
cached_repository = false
git_bin = /usr/bin/git
persistent_cache = false
shortrev_len = 7

Finally, just make sure permissions are correct:

chown -R www-data /var/trac/repository
chown -R www-data /var/git/repository

Then finally, restart Apache, point your web browser at the trac repository (assuming you’ve already setup Trac via e.g mod_python or similar) and you’ll probably seen an AssertionFailed error (with no helpful message). This seems to be a one off when the repository is empty… so try :

mkdir ~/src/tmp
cd ~/src/tmp
git init
echo 'test' > hello.txt
git add hello.txt
git commit
git config remote.upload.url
git push upload master

(If this fails with some unhelpful message like :

orange:~/src/tmp $ git push upload master


error: Cannot access URL,
      return code 60

error: failed to push some refs to
It’s probably moaning about you having an invalid (or at least non-trusted) SSL Certificate (as I happen to) – create ~/.gitconfig and set it to contain :
sslVerify = false
You might also wish to read this doc on git setup with Apache

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