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  • ssh signed git commits

    git config –global gpg.format sshgit config –global user.signingkey ~/.ssh/id_ed25519.pubgit config –global commit.gpgsign true Hopefully that’ll result in my github commits being signed…. and when I forget how to do it …

  • Automated twitter compilation up to 19 June 2016

    Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog up to 19 June 2016

  • Trac and Git on Debian Lenny

    Random Brain dump – Trac 0.11 with Git on Debian Lenny; this worked for me … We’ll use /var/git/ as the location where our git repositories live – e.g. /var/git/repository1, /var/git/repository2 etc. So, assuming you have git-core installed, create the Git repository: mkdir -p /var/git/repository cd /var/git/repository git init –bare Next, install the trac-git extension…