Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

  • Just found Prey – remote tracking of laptop etc incase of theft … #osx #linux #windows #
  • Stripping done, holes filled; now to get the gun out and do some kinky latex^h^h silicone sealant stuff … Then lawn mowing. #
  • Roast lamb after 17 mile run seems good. (2.5 hours; worship me) #
  • 10k isn't far enough – let's do instead. #
  • RT @UKLabourParty We need 100,000 people to retweet if you want Proportional Representation #
  • Suggestions on how to stop a dog chewing stuff when he's left alone welcome. (attention seeking?) has bone etc to chew …. #
  • Think I'll wait for an android like ipad or spend the money on an iPhone v4. #
  • My tummy and bed are now a drum with toddler hand sized drumsticks beating away. #
  • Ah that's better. Second waking at 9am. This is more civilised. #
  • Waking at 550 on a saturday is not ideal. #
  • Right. Time to cudde up to the boss and fall asleep. #
  • RT @GeneHunt Why is it that one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a barbeque? #
  • Is rowan trying to give me a hint by the way he's washing the bath (as opposed to washing himself in the bath) #
  • Emergency chocolate fix applied. Recovery underway. Now I want more …. #
  • Sweet. I definitely don't need a tv license – & still use iplayer #
  • RT @alexmace This is exactly why I voted Lib Dem: RT if you did too. #votelibdem #
  • #ukvote B61 #
  • Git is too quick. I have difficulty accepting it's done anything – perhaps it should sleep(1) to give me confidence it's done something. #
  • I've just registered my opinion for my constituency for #ge2010 at, why don't you? #twitVoteUK #
  • Fixing your router's WIFI since 1903 #
  • TV harms children / toddlers / babies – – no news (haha) there then (or surprise) #
  • Haha. I've had the window open and blinds drawn in the office for at least an hour and the minions haven't noticed / burnt from sunlight. #
  • Damn you ubuntu – updates to an existing release shouldn't break everything. Grr. #
  • There's a horrible smell of burning plastic/dead computer in the office and my desktop is unwell. Are the two linked? Fuckitallnotagoodday #
  • Guess I should run. 10k race this Sunday. Still doing 6 miles this morning isn't much shorter. #lazyweekend #
  • RT @GeneHunt I'm proud of my Grandfather. He shot down two German planes. Admittedly that was in 1972 but you can't be too careful. #
  • Iron man 2 perhaps. #
  • Stupid hail. It's summer. Get lost. Come back in November. #

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