Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

  • I've never walked a dog which can't make it up a small hill without collapsing in a panting heap. #
  • The neighbours are walking a young cat on a lead. Guess they're trying to keep up with the girl who walks a ferrett in town #bromsgrove #
  • RT @GeneHunt A prisoner escaped last night, she's a clairvoyant midget. We're warning the public that there's a small medium at large. #
  • RT @GeneHunt You know what it means when you come home to a little affection, tenderness and sympathy? It means you're in the wrong house. #
  • RT @grifferz Believe me, it's possible. nice spelling. #
  • RT @PalePurpleLtd Looking for professional php dev. Contract or full time. See #
  • I wonder how often someone types in a URL incorrectly and gets/leaves a rude surprise. #
  • I signed the petition to repeal the Digital Economy Act #DEBill #DEAct #GE2010 #
  • Right, time to run off this stupid sore throat and looming crapiness. #
  • I'm mentally washed out now. Time to degenerate down to a 2 year old's level soon. #
  • Strange sales pitch about sales training with someone from Sandler Training (anyone come across them? #
  • Everyone will suffer now; everyone will suffer now. You can't help yourself. #
  • Run away (for 40 minutes) #
  • Dear Twitterverse: Is Nightmare on Elm Street any good / worth watching? #
  • Don't use phpunit from Debian Lenny (v3.3.16) – full of fail; Install via pear. My tests now pass; I now get code-coverage reports. Win. #
  • Toddler clearly deciding that he should have a lie in. In the interests of Good parenting I can't get up till he does … 😉 #
  • Today's discovery – orange marmalade with ginger. nom nom. #
  • 35 weeks #

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