Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

  • Good luck with the #dyfienduro mtb'ers. #enduro #mountainbiking #Machynlleth #
  • Time to say goodbye to "cd /pub; more beer" (t-shirt). You've lasted at least 10 years but now look a bit too old. #
  • I tried to get some non-dull coloured clothes. #
  • Chewing my £15 (new) running hat is not smart or clever dog. Maybe I'll forget to take you to the farm tomorrow? #
  • Best add Predators To my list of films to watch. #
  • RT @GeneHunt What's long, hard, easy to erect and makes women groan?…… An Ironing Board. #
  • – my biggest problem of the day is now solved!! 🙂 #
  • The dog has a hard life. Eating a donut. #
  • Cameron was smarmy and didn't answer questions; Brown tired and boring. Clegg genuine but niave? Seeing DC may have put me off voting Tory. #
  • Ought to find a running club/group in Bromsgrove…. and/or Squash. #
  • welcome #ubuntu lucid …. time to upgrade desktop soon then. #
  • This is how you to scream (while chasing a dog) – toddler style…. #
  • RT @GeneHunt 'Ultra-sensitive condoms?!' What do they do? Keep her talking after you've gone to sleep & ask how she's feeling? #
  • RT @schmooster #bigotgate For the sake of balance, here's Cameron with the public. <- nice 'documentary' #
  • wondering if I'm somehow damaged a nerve along the top of my foot; weird sensation occasionally…. still at least it's not my hand. #
  • Anyway. Time to go running. 7 miles perhaps. Rests are for girls and babys. Sort of. #
  • This is not orange (or any fruit) juice on my arm….. "bloody dog" #
  • Avatar is only £8 on DVD on release. So it really was over hyped and not that good then? (3d ++; story —-) #
  • I'm sheltering in the blind (warm) spot of an overactive aircon unit waiting for gparted to do succeed. Not quite
    my idea of fun. #
  • Stupid Compaq server vs gparted. Gparted seems to be winning. Phew. #
  • I wish I'd remember to upgrade $server before feeling tired at mid-night. #
  • Woo… 148 out of 844 marathon wise (; now my head has expanded. #stratford #marathon #
  • Won't be voting for them…. #bnp #

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