Spring trip to Barcelona

A monster in the sand!
I made this.... sort of.

Well, sort of random. As I don’t normally bother to upload any pictures and so on, I thought I might as well for once – and I said I’d send my father a postcard, but then failed to …. perhaps this will make up for it. I didn’t notice any postcard selling shops either – perhaps they’ve gone out of fashion?

Anyway, as I’m the boss, I left work at midday on Friday, drove up to Liverpool and flew to Barcelona with EasyJet. Thankfully I’m quite happy flying – but a minor bump triggered a load of men near me to exchange flying horror stories (“Once, over America, we hit some sort of air pocket and dropped 1000 feet!”). Anyway, I arrived in Barcelona at about 20:00 local time (I think flight time was about an hour and a half – apparently we had a 70mph tailwind, so were a bit early) and then fought through the cattle^h^h^hpassengers to get through security etc etc… train, tube, walk -> arrive at Anna’s flat. Fall asleep.

On Saturday we went shopping – so it was a boring day in that respect. But in the evening we went to my favourite Japanese restaurant to eat sushi stuff (nom-nom-nom) – but as I failed to take my camera/phone with me, there’s no photo(s).

On Sunday – we’d went to Sitges and walked into some sort of old-car rally – which was nice to see. Unfortunately this made the town quite busy, so we had to wait for ages for lunch (well, 3pm lunch).

Then we went back home, I did some DIY and the weekend was pretty much over.

Monday involved flying back (uneventful) and then a long drive home. Liverpool seemed very dull and dreary compared to Spain.

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