WTFs per minute

I’m currently refactoring some legacy third party PHP code, and as the old saying goes, the real metric is WTFs per minute.

So, just to entertain any readers, how about :

  1. Writing pagination links for a search form, but if there are more than 20 pages of results, add 20 onto whatever the maximum number of pages there are – so you get 20 invalid links at the end of the pagination list (clicking on them will show no results). I guess it looks like there are lots of results at least.
  2. if(isset($_GET[‘foo’]) == 0) … (wouldn’t if(!isset($_GET[‘foo’]) be easier to read?).
  3. Presumably not knowing what a while(…) { … } loop is, and always using something like: $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($x); do { … } while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($x)) ….
  4. Always including mysql_free_result($foo) after every query…. why bother?
  5. Always having an //END IF comment, even if the if(..) { } statement is only 3 lines long.
  6. The write_out_the_header() function which consists of a switch statement nearly 2900 lines long, which is just responsible for setting things like the <title> and some meta tags for every page in the site.
  7. When doing results pagination, for even numbered page links, write out the ‘jump’ URL differently (starting with a &, instead of a ?). Some numbers are more even/equal than others…. I guess.
  8. Executing a separate query each time within a loop rather than doing a simple join to start with….
And don’t get me started on the lack of error checking…..


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