Automated twitter compilation up to 29 March 2012

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog (i.e. David Goodwin) up to 29 March 2012

  • People are still queuing to buy fuel in Bromsgrove at 2100. Pumps aren’t dry but price has def gone up (£1.50/l). #sheep #fuel #panicbuying
  • RT @KalvinWilliams: Fuel Tanker Driver… Up and down the M1. £45K pa. FORCES Fuel Tanker Driver Helmand £17K pa.Which one is strik …

  • RT @scottsigler: Tweets! NOCTURNAL is out in 5 days.
  • RT @BLOODHOUND_SSC: BH Ambassador @ClaireMinikin was told this on her 1st school visit: ‘When I grow up I wanted to be a wrestler, now I …
  • Stupid Apple Mail is causing my emails to get truncated after inline attachments to Outlook clients. See for fix.
  • RT @PierreJoye: heh Java Ranting developers, did you notice that we did not bash you for the yet new remote exploit? #php }:->
  • RT @mrchrisadams: “A vicar claims a potato got stuck up his bottom after he fell on to the vegetable while hanging curtains in the nude” …
  • Oh. What a surprise. There’s a queue at the petrol station. “Don’t panic!”
  • Yet another “top” – atop – looks better than htop; just need to learn the magic keys.
  • Debian have linked the nagios nrpe daemon against tcp wrappers… so it’s now necessary to edit /etc/hosts.allow on Squeeze grr
  • RT @codinghorror: The End of Pagination
  • My minions are now collecting ponies. #MLP
  • Just came across an e-commerce shop which doesn’t use a database – items are hard coded in PHP arrays. #YouMayNotSearch
  • Suicide attempt in the car park off town end of Stourbridge rd (Bromsgrove); some of my hockey team walked past as rescue started #hanging
  • Decent, if somewhat loud, music at The Hop Pole (rockit fuel). #iAmOld
  • Hockey: Bromsgrove 3xi 4:1 Kidderminster (cc @BromsgroveHC )
  • RT @_RosieT: Fox News, I don’t even know where to begin…
  • “Wake up you silly old fella!”.
  • The air quality around London Euston’s taxi rank is horrible.
    (2012/03/20, Camden, London)
  • London. Meh. Still, at least I’m not here on a daily or weekly basis.
    (2012/03/20, Brent, London)
  • RT @birminghampost: Midland motorways to be used for 80mph limit trail
  • Blood splatter on a cream carpet doesn’t look too good.
  • Hockey: Bromsgrove 3xi 3:0 Droitwich. Great goals Alex and Tom(2). (cc @BromsgroveHC )
  • Went to a church (kids playgroup). We didn’t catch fire, come out in a rash or making any comments about the silly phrases on the posters.
  • In other news, two clever lovely children slept through all night in their own beds and then gave me some good wake up cuddles at 8am.
  • I’m getting tired of all these lobby groups saying how they need tax cuts ahead of the budget. I think most of them will be disappointed!
  • Bromsgrove’s freegle seems as popular as its freecycle counterpart this week. Perhaps freecycle is finally dying?
  • RT @madeupstats: Social networking: Every year, 14 million male dogs ‘oust’ other dogs from their positions as ‘mayors’ of lamp-posts an …
  • RT @birminghamlug: Ladies and Gents!! Tomorrow we will be running an Arduino workshop @birminghamlug – please bring your laptops if you …
  • RT @robots_: alright here goes – we are flat broke thanks to dwp and i need to pay the rent. i will do ANY graphic design work for a sma …
  • RT @HAL9000_: Happy Pi Day? I guess humans are too lazy to get up at 1:59:26.536 to celebrate Pi to the millisecond.
  • Time for hockey training. Getting fed up of this cough now.
  • Time to fix the office broadband/phones etc.
  • Hello again Liverpool. I’m not staying long.
    (2012/03/12, Liverpool, Liverpool)
  • It’s hard not to laugh when someone’s struggled very hard to get their bag into the easyjet bag measuring slot, and it then won’t come out.
  • RT @WPBhamUK: Don’t forget it’s WPBhamUK this Wednesday at the Post Office Vaults from 6:30.
  • Orange and carrot juice. Whatever next?
  • The local fire brigade are out in Sitges.
    (2012/03/11, Sitges, Barcelona)
  • Thankfully I can sing better than this woman who is perhaps busking on the tube.
  • My fellow passengers seemed to enjoy sharing stories of previous flights dropping 1000s of feet in midair. Thanks….
  • Crabbies ginger beer must have some secret addictive ingredient. I keep wanting some. #alcoholFreeWeek
    (2012/03/09, Liverpool, Liverpool)
  • Liverpool — ✈ —> Barcelona.
    (2012/03/09, Liverpool, Liverpool)
  • RT @alexolivier: .titanic {
    float: none;
  • RT @MotherJones: Ejaculating outside a woman’s vagina is “an action against an unborn child,” and other laws inspired by GOP madness: ht …
  • RT @nolancaudill: I wish PHP had a good scaling success story. You know, something besides Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, or Etsy.
  • RT @orangejon: Calling everyone who designs interactions – UXDs, IAs, web designers etc: Follow @uxbrum for news of our first meetup on …
  • “i don’t want to sleep! I just want a nap!” Says @rowangoodwin at 9 am.
  • Come on @rowangoodwin it’s time to wake up!
  • RT @b3cft: My team @ the BBC is recruiting for a Senior Eng & Junior Eng Interested? Drop me a …
  • Hockey – Bromsgrove 2xi 5:0 Droitwich. 🙂 (cc @BromsgroveHC )
  • RT @BenBalter: PHP is Insecure (and Other Enterprise Open-Source F.U.D.)
  • RT @GoodWifesGuide: A Good Wife will not get jealous of his many lady friends on Facebook, he is a popular man, you should feel proud he …
  • Disposable nappies don’t wash very well.
  • I’m looking after @rowangoodwin this morning so he can’t ruin his mummy’s ofsted inspection or something. He’s just woken up at 10am 🙂
  • RT @fabpot: a must read “@padraicb: I’ve published an RFC on improving our output escaping approach
  • As result of a scientific experiment, I declare Crabbie’s Ginger Beer is better than Frank’s.
  • Dear student(s) – you have had 4-6(?) weeks to submit applications for $job; leaving it till the last 6 hours doesn’t look good. KThxBai.
  • Interviewed some possible apprentices yesterday. Very impressed with them both – motivation, interest & drive present. Thanks @tdmderrin
  • RT @HungoverAIan: Retweet if.̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨you thought your screen was cracked
  • Bromsgrove 3rd xi 2-2 wednesbury. #hockey (cc @BromsgroveHC )
    (2012/02/26, Walsall, Walsall)
  • “I’m not one to gossip, but ….”
    (2012/02/24, Solihull, Solihull)
  • RT @myBrewerytap: Special offer on Stone Brewing beers which are just over their best before dates –
  • throw new ZombiesSpringingFromSidewalkException() #phpuk2012
    (2012/02/24, Islington, London)
  • I’ve stocked up on my @BytemarkUK pens…. It was getting critical in the office – we’d almost run out. #phpuk2012
    (2012/02/24, Islington, London)
  • RT @rasmus: Coverity report on open source code quality: #php #linux #postgresql
  • is my favourite new Linux tool/script/thing. Beginning to wonder how I coped without it. #linux #python #sysadmin
  • RT @OpenRightsGroup: PETITION: Stop the government’s new email and web spying plans! Sign here: #privacy #ccdp
  • Hockey – Bromsgrove 2nd XI 2:3 Solihull blossom hill (?). (cc @bromsgrovehc )
    (2012/02/19, Solihull, Solihull)
  • Thankfully no one noticed my running shorts were on back to front. Then again, nor did I….
  • Grr. I have a “My little pony” ear worm now. Damn you @aypok and your plans for world pony domination type stuff.
  • RT @1Pr0grammer: How a real programmer codes… That’s what I’m talking about! #LoL
  • RT @proofek: PHP 5.4.0 RC8 released!
  • RT @DanLane: @bensmithuk The world’s 2nd most common lie after “I love you too” is: “You have successfully been unsubscribed from our da …
  • RT @ls12styler: Hahaha. RT @funkatron: “I like node.js, but this is spot fucking on
  • RT @mattgemmell: UK folk who have experienced the joys of Yodel/HDNL deliveries, you’ll enjoy this:
  • RT @DEVOPS_BORAT: In startup we have first fireable offense is dependency injection.
  • 00100001
  • A geeks solution to not booking enough hours of billable work – change the units of time! ValveTime …
  • RT @SuperDalgas: So… you want to be a developer?
  • RT @myBrewerytap: Looking for a gift – try our myBrewerytap mixed case 3 only £22 for 12 bottles –
  • I get back to the office (from a meeting) and the minions are watching videos of my little pony… #wtf ?
  • RT @brucel: ‘Religion is being “sidelined, marginalised and downgraded in the public sphere”‘ Good. It’s a private matter. And Warsi is …

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