Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

  • You'd think rubbing 24 miles would mean the dog wouldn't need walking again. Apparently not. #
  • God. Can't put it off any longer. Must shower and cut the lawn, else it'll become hay. Hoping body works again. #
  • Body now rebelling against 3hr 20 min run (bromsgrove -> Birmingham and back). Hope it was about 24-26 miles. #
  • RT @glynmoody A letter to my MP – – brilliant letter about the Digital Economy Bill/Act; wish I'd written it #deact #
  • Spotting the 10k runners go past sanders park. Lovely day. #bromsgrove #
  • We're all going on a toddler hunt. What a beautiful day. We're not Ill. Uh oh. He is! Grump grump grump. #
  • Stupid classic iPod. Just turn off ffs. *sigh* fine! I'll give you to a 7 year old who'll care and make full use of your abilities. So long! #
  • Busy making single threaded perl backup scripts parallelised. #
  • RT @loudmouthman hey O2 you just kept my business #DeBill (not as good as talktalk tho..) #
  • Digital Economy Bill it's a wash up – #debill #talktalk #
  • Where I live I have the power of 0.1 votes. See your result at #GE2010 #VPI #
  • The dog has it in for me. Twice he tried to trip me up while running. Grr. #
  • Morning motivation – coffee – #
  • Interesting southpark episode (s14e04) taking the piss out of facebook & tron …. #
  • Upgraded Mac Mini's RAM to 4gb; shame none of the 'tutorials' online were up to date. Anyone want 1gb of DDR3 8500S RAM? #
  • Oi! Don't piss there [door mat] you stupid dog! GRRR. (We'd only come back from a run 1-2 hours ago). He accidentally fell nose first on it. #
  • Looks like a fine evening for a run. I wonder how many runners I can overtake….. #
  • We won't be attending in Germany. They sure put plenty of effort into targeting that letter-shot #marketing #spam #fail #
  • RT @loudmouthman I swear I was watching Scrapheap Challenge as MPs tried to make some sort of Copyright law from outdated ideas. #DeBill #
  • .@Pewari I think mps pair off againt opposing parties so they don't need to turn up to everything, Plus someone has to feed the ducks#debill in reply to Pewari #
  • It's all very well that you stock the best razor (kos azor) asda, but do you think you could sell blades for it too? #
  • You know you're onto a "winner" when you see a html drop down containing values like "title ASC" "price DESC" etc #security #sqlinjection #
  • RT @glynmoody Unknown root certificate in Firefox – ouch #firefox #security #
  • Finally found the eclipse 'accept remote session' xdebug setting. Now it's usable (xdebug, eclipse remains slow and nasty). #xdebug #php #
  • id3tag – I am not impressed with your lame error message of "Abort trap". #
  • It seems Dr @carolinegoodwin fixed the dog's limp yesterday; back to having four working legs etc etc 🙂 Woof! Woof! #
  • Toddler tractor power #
  • Looking forward to tractor assembly. 🙂 #
  • Beer; Chocolate; Relaxation #
  • I like the Tory election posters up ATM. They seemed everywhere in Kidderminster – is it a marginal seat or something? #

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