Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • Sanders park is busy. Lovely day #
  • Hmm. Lidl almond ice cream things. #
  • Hockey match done. Lovely day. #
  • The coffee which has been keeping me alert/awake at work turns out to be decaf. A definite #wtf moment. #
  • I love chilli. #
  • RT @carolinegoodwin they're a rough lot in Bromsgrove (woman banned from alcohol buying) #
  • So… The sky. Grey from ash? Is that what I can smell? Or is it just normal boring overcast Britian with local pollution? #ashtag #
  • More & more drivers think "road closed" doesn't apply to them (Stourbridge road, bromsgrove). Why is it closed, why not traffic lights? #
  • RT @poorlydressed Someone Get the Lifeguard – Poorly Dressed People of the World – Fashion Fails #
  • RT @dvntownsend Today's FREE MP3 from @AOLRadio is "Hyperdrive" from @dvntownsend: + free sampler from @AmazonMP3: … #
  • Kick Ass is an excellent film – one of the best i've seen recently; def. better than avatar / green zone etc #
  • Stourbridge road is much nicer closed. Perhaps I need to buy some road closed signs and dig a big hole in it …. #bromsgrove #
  • Not impressed that this stupid griffin iPhone case is broken. Can haz metal case plz? #
  • The dog is changing career – cat chasing is so passé, fly catching is the way forward… #
  • Wow. Bank paid me 14p in interest this last year on our current account. Why bother? #
  • Potential office viewing booked for later today; <30 metres from telephone exchange; I'm not a bandwidth whore… honest. #
  • Doesn't like being woken up, by his calf muscle cramping. #
  • My MP Julie Kirkbride didn't bother voting on #debill Find yours #

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