Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

  • Latest farm health and safety device 'promise' (this is real… Hang it on broken stuff so others know) #
  • Reason 501 that religion is bad – (page decorations are nsfw, image is ok) #
  • Good run – shame tripod couldn't keep up and had to be left behind. Dog seems to be going through a bad patch lately. #
  • No blank CDs at home to burn ubuntu onto to do an install. Off to the office I go. #
  • In my usual manner I'm fixated on one musical artist atm – Devin Townsend thanks @moobert & @aypok Plenty of bad air guitar/drums. #
  • American deluxe sized burger – …. bigger than most men. #
  • I've got swingers elbow :-/ #
  • Bromgrove council have failed wrt the car park layout outside asda. Nice waste of money. Motorists can't get back to the empty part. #
  • More hail / rain. Now if the dog would only let me pull the thorn out of his foot, and not throw up pork chop… we'd be onto a winner. #
  • Everyone seems to be buying lots of crap. Wish they'd get out of my way. #
  • RT @Surfrdan LOL Nice one RT @VecchioJo: wish i was this good an artist ++ 🙂 #
  • Perhaps I need to quit my peanut butter on toast addiction first though… 4 weeks to first marathon (Stratford) #
  • Possible blisters between my legs; sore nipples and a filthy dog. Why do I bother? Oh, yeah, so I don't turn into #
  • Body appropriate tired after longish run; time to clean up, shop, mess with computers and eat. #
  • Support world domination. Buy a book and t-shirt …. #thestarter #podcast #fakefootball #scifi #
  • Potential office above chippy. Looks promising. We might get very fat though. Nice chips tho. #
  • Twitter seems almost devoid of April fools. I'm not complaining. Toddler pulling one on me now – by having a lie in …. #
  • Will anyone come up with a believable/original april fools prank? #
  • 'NO!… Scissors do not go in the mouth Rowan!' #
  • The dog's had a hair cut and now is attacking a gigantic chew #
  • Look prospect customer, if you have a rush job that needs completing in 32 hours, wasting 6 hours by not sending spec till 5pm does not help #
  • I just donated to stop the Digital Economy Bill #38degrees #debill #
  • RT @birminghampost Council blunders caused Brum municipal golf crisis, <- WTF? Slow news day? #
  • Hmm fail me. Today is clearly a cottage pie DAY #
  • Rowans asking for seconds. Clearly today is a cottage pie week. #
  • Stupid American(s): I AM – NOT YOU. Stop requesting password recovery. It's not going to work. KThxBai #
  • Patch been to vet; lactulose is soln. #1 .. suspect a bone is stuck in his gut causing irritation. If no improvement by Weds, x-ray etc. #
  • Hmmm. Awake. Listening to what sounds like a dog being sick. He seems to be sick a lot lately… 🙁 #
  • RT @guardiantech Ofcom plans to cut cost of calls to mobiles #
  • Wholemeal toast + peanut butter FTW. #
  • The dog instantly recognised the sound of a dog food can opening and appeared. Strange when I've hardly ever fed him canned meat before #

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