Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • work meeting over; time to go shopping or something. #
  • Dear #Lazyweb I'm looking for 400-600sq feet of office space in/near Bromsgrove town centre (enough for 4 desks etc). #
  • Google Chrome Still The Unhackable Browser are ff's days numbered? #
  • the free @digg app is here for iphone! they're giving out 1 tricked ipad each day for 2 weeks to celebrate! #
  • Bromsgrove hockey 4ths. Won 2-0. Yey. My first real game in 13 years… #
  • It'll never cook if I keep stirring and watching… Apparently. #
  • RT @guardiantech News Int. starts paywall for Times and Sunday Times (UK) from June. £1/day, £2/week. Will you pay? — hahaha. No. #
  • Had 2 industrial year applicants so far; both with SQL injection flaws on their portfolio sites. #php #security #fun #
  • Why do I always want more peanut butter on toast? #
  • Just entered the Nottingham Marathon – – September 12th 2010… #
  • I've just asked Harriet Harman to give the #debill a real debate. Please join in and RT #38degrees #debill #
  • Soon it may be time to wake up. Soon. #
  • Firefox 3.5 was almost unusable on this acer aspire one; switched to google-chrome – netbook becomes usable and responsive. #
  • Patch enjoying the fruits of my labour #
  • The dog is eating better than the toddler. Shepherds pie – rejected. The dog and I enjoyed it at least. #
  • Anatomy education by colouring in parts of the dinosaur. Toddler style. #
  • Hmm. Had better not tell anyone I turned the oven on but wasted 10 mins as it wasn't turned on right 'oven' just 'light+fan+pretend' #fail #
  • Neighbour has what looks like a mountain bike with an engine. I tried not to stare #

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