Running routes

I’ve used for years now (See e.g. ). However, today Chris pointed me at – which does a far better job of plotting routes (e.g. auto-follow road; calorie guess-timation etc).

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to allow the public to see who plotted a route – or see any other information about a route – apart from it being plotted on a map.

So, here’s a few of mine :

Bromsgrove to Kidderminster (21.94 miles)
Bromsgrove – Timberhonger – Droitwich – Canal – Finstall (19.48 miles)
Bromsgrove – Stourbridge Road – Swan Lane – Catshill (5.94 miles)

If only they had twitter / facebook or some means of ‘showing off your running routes’ …. silly people.

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