Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13

  • Can't be bothered to give up chocolate for lent. Pancakes on the other hand will not be missed. #lent #fb #
  • Reminders:
    * @PHPWM meeting tomorrow (free beer/pizza;
    * It's Pie Week;
    * Pancake today tomorrow.
    Nom nom nom #Fatties #fb #
  • rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah

    I have to walk home today 🙁 #

  • A new week, and my bike chain breaks again. Halfords were sold out of connector links and replacement chains. I feel it's a conspiracy #fb #
  • “@StormySan: Every other sentence today is 'Oh my god that's disgusting'. She's just bleached her desk and keyboard.” #fb #
  • Cw54 dmx – you tailed me on the m6 for 30miles; Learn to: dip headlights (not on full beam) & use left hand lane-it's not lorries only #fb #
  • Hmm. I shouldn't have expected any better. On the ground next to the car is an untwisted coat hanger. Car seems ok #LiverpoolAirport #fb #
  • Hello Liverpool. I'm back. Now to drive home. *yawn* happy flyings! #fb #flylo #

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