Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-06

  • “@gpjt: I always wondered what those buttons on my camera did:” #
  • Landed: BCN. #
  • Sarcasm seems lost on Liverpudlians. #
  • Tweet tweet tweet #
  • Tweet tweet tweet #fb #
  • It's very relaxing listening to a baby sleeping on your chest. Slings rule. #
  • “@chartoftheday: CHART OF THE DAY: Here's How The Xoom Stacks Up To The iPad 2” <- interesting. Xoom > ipad2. #
  • OMG – best cookie EVER from Catshill bakery. Meal in a cookie – Nom Nom Nom. #
  • The king of hearts called for the tarts and beat the knave full sore. #
  • – Javascript has some interesting features…. #
  • Who will last longer: me cycling or Jenkins building a Php project? 1.5 hours and counting. No I understand large build servers.. #
  • “@StormySan: Boss just used a whois lookup to find out a friend's address. I find this awesome. #geek

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