Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-28

  • I'm at the great shrine to Christmas – Webbs 'garden' centre. #
  • I love waiting in a car queue. It makes my day. #
  • Fixed Adium Facebook account – recreated using jabber protocol. Before users weren't appearing online. #
  • RT @madeupstats Despite legal threats, the makers of Lynx deodorant won't stop us from informing you that 34% of their customers are virgins #
  • B61 2/10 #uksnow (now melt so I can play hockey later) #
  • RT @rowangoodwin Good boy daddy! Thanks for the lie in till 850. #
  • 0/10 #uksnow b61 (and don't come until tomorrow evening else you'll ruin the hockey match tomorrow) #
  • 4/10 (apparently) #uksnow ld8 #
  • RT @GeneHunt If the Winter Olympics were held in the UK and it happened to snow for a couple of hours…they'd probably be cancelled. #
  • RT @GeneHunt Why do people make snow men instead of snow women? I suppose it takes too long to hollow out the head. #
  • Was Palin's gaffe intentional to get attention / in the press? ( </cynical> #
  • B61 0/10 #uksnow just bloody freezing. #
  • RT @madeupstats A study has shown: people who have already completed their Xmas shopping are more likely to harm sweet little animals. #
  • Hint: avoid Birmingham road in Bromsgrove today. Broken m5 = broken Bromsgrove. #
  • Employees seem to be in shock after discovering a SQL join in legacy php code…. #
  • RT @madeupstats Last week, a record 3,500 men entered Paris Hilton*.

    (*To dispel ambiguity, the hotel is the chain's largest in Europe) #

  • Submitted annual return to companies house; issued receipt for a different company (unique id fail) & then their website goes down. Result #

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