Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-21

  • Wondering why a restaurant doesn't have it's opening times on it's website. #fail #
  • Hockey: Bromsgrove 4ths v stourport, 5-0 win 🙂 #
  • This toddler sized hot water bottle is quite good. #
  • Not sure why Lord Young resigned; I think he's right (the recession hasn't been that bad… dealing with the debt from it will be) #
  • Starting a KDE program results in my X server restarting. Grr. Bad Ubuntu. One more reason to bring in the Mac Mini to work perhaps. #
  • To hockey, and beyond. #Bromsgrove #hockey #letsHopeItsOnTonight #
  • Time to run up Stourbridge road to The Swan. Then Hockey. You may spot me glowing in the dark. #
  • I now have some AstroTurf hockey trainers. Hopefully ill spend less time on the floor now…. #
  • RT @madeupstats The latest study by the Learning Skills Council shows a fifth of the population (25%) lack basic arithmetic skills. #
  • Tickets bought for the feb php conference in London. #
  • Ring ring…."Hello sir… Would you like a water cooler?"… Me:"No thanks we only drink coffee here". #
  • FFS. Quickbooks – WHY do I need to have a new serial type number to activate this fricking thing? Do you hate me as much as I hate you? #
  • Yesterday I upgraded to Quickbooks 2010; now there's 160mb of updates and it's lost the ability to integrate with mail client (thunderbird) #
  • Why do I need to register you quickbooks when you have all my details via a license key? #intuit #crap #quickbooks #annoyingpopup #
  • RT @madeupstats Emo's owe their name to their love of 'emotional hardcore' music?
    Where does this leave fans of country and western music? #
  • I was about to moan about the cold and frost. Then I saw the lovely blue sky. Time to cough my lungs up anyway. #
  • Goodbye #Gregynog Until next year perhaps. #

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