Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

  • Roads are deserted and it's so peacefully quiet. Can we do this football thing next weekend too ? #
  • I predict England flags and other promotional crap will be very cheap tomorrow and few cars / houses will remain 'decorated' #mysticdavid #
  • I can think of better things to do than be woken by the ninky nonk at 530am on a sunday. If only I could drug him …. #
  • RT @ArmedForces_Day: It's Armed Forces Day! Show your support by retweeting this message #armedforcesday #
  • RT @PingChat PingChat! Android Beta begins next week! Join the Android page to be eligible! – iPhone and blackberry too #
  • One customer handles foreign villa letting. A prospect handles flight bookings. This seems a good match. #
  • Dog gone walking. Hoping he's heading home, safely. The perils of keeping doors open in the hot weather #bromsgrove #
  • RT @madeupstats Social media gurus have on average :
    850 Twitter followers
    410 contacts on LinkedIn
    390 Facebook friends
    1.5 real friends #
  • Failed to jailbreak and upgrade to ios4. stupid pwnage tool. Reverting back to default apple image, will miss bitesms 🙁 #
  • RT @PalePurpleLtd iPhone app accepted 🙂 look for 'food hygiene' by Transparency data – free. <- check out where you eat out. #
  • Losers still outside o2…. Orange is the way toward. #
  • Will there be a geek fight now the iPhone supplies have run out? #
  • RT @madeupstats The Sun newspaper has sufficient stocks of anti-German jokes to last until the year 2051. #achtungschweinhund #
  • So we can win. #eng #
  • Annoyed that I had an off-by-one perception error. Today is not iPhone Thursday … That's tomorrow. #
  • Whole earth's chocolate spread is so very very very nice. #
  • What a lovely morning. #
  • .@rowangoodwin has decided to have a lie in. What a clever, perfect child he Is. #
  • RT @mezzle <– utter win #ftw #mud #
  • RT @BromsgroveDC News: Sainsbury’s Planning Application to be Heard #bromsgrove #
  • Hello $always_late_paying_customer – your website is offline as you've not paid your hosting fees with $third_party … No, I can't help… #
  • Why do I have a cold in the middle of
    Summer? Grr. Rubbish voice etc. #
  • Bromsgrove …. is shit. Photographic proof found – #

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